On and Off with Film


“Why spend on film cameras when you already have a digital one?” So many people keep asking me that. I don’t know, really, but there’s this certain feel with it that I just can’t explain, or maybe, I’m just really that bad with words, but I’ll try.
I own both digital and film cameras, but with film, I get more challenged to take a good or a better shot of my subject. I get mixed emotions all the time. I get too thrilled and excited but it can get really scary at times too especially since I’ve experienced a few failed rolls already. It also reminds me to slow down and to be patient. With film, I don’t get tempted to just keep shooting. I get to actually think and frame my every shot.

I stopped shooting film for a while since I bought it in 2014 because buying rolls and having the films processed and scanned or printed is very expensive, but I eventually missed it that’s why I decided to get back with shooting film. As much as I want to process them myself, I have no experience and I am still too scared to try to process on my own. Plus, I haven’t mastered it yet so I obviously have a looong way to go with it which makes it more thrilling!

Here are a few shots I took in 2014:

And here are the photos I took recently (Fuji C200):


Getting back with analog doesn’t mean that I’ll stop shooting digital though. I guess that’s impossible since I take photos almost everyday of about anything and aside from film being too expensive, it’ll take longer to process and upload too. I’ll still probably bring with me my Fuji most of the time depending on my mood.

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Summer School 2017: Recognition Day

Last March 2017, Caleb and I took his cousin to school during their last week of classes. Caleb didn’t want to leave. He cried on our way home while saying, “School” over and over again. I then thought that maybe enrolling him to summer playschool would be a good idea, especially so he could socialize with other children his age. We inquired to the nearest school and we were informed that for his age (currently 1 year and 8 months), the maximum number of students they would accept for toddlers class would be 5. Since there were students when we inquired, the same thing happened, he didn’t want to leave.
First day of classes came, there were only 2 of them for the toddlers class so the teachers decided to make them join the incoming nursery 1 with kids ages 2-3.5 years old. I didn’t approve of their decision at first because the older kids have a more formal teaching with a classroom set-up and I was expecting a playschool set-up for Caleb, but I had no choice so I just observed if it would affect him in any way. 

I didn’t expect him to be attentive or to actually participate in class because he is waaay younger than them and I know that at his age, all he’ll want to do is to run around and play. I even thought that after his first or second day of school, he would just want to stay at home, and that we’d just go back to me teaching him the colors, the ABCs, etc. while we play. To my surprise, he actively participated and recited with the other big kids. There were even times where in he knew the answers to their teacher’s questions more. And in the morning when he’d wake up, he would excitedly go down the bed and say, “Mommy, school!” 

There were a lot of times when other parents came up to me to tell me that Caleb is too young to start school. Some would even tell me that everyday that it came to a point when I questioned myself if I was being a bad mother for letting Caleb go, though I see how much he enjoys it. But everyday I ask him whether or not he wants to go, and automatically, his answer would be, “YES, SCHOOL.” So why would I deprive him of something that he enjoys doing especially since he learns so much from it too, right?

Unfortunately for this upcoming school year, I will have to stop him from going to school first because we can’t find a school that offers plainly playschool program or set-up.

Going back… For a month, that was our routine. We would get up and get ready for school, come home and take a nap, play, sleep, repeat (with meals in between, of course). 

I witnessed how much he enjoyed going to school everyday to learn new things and to socialize with his classmates.

Today, he went up on stage to receive his certificate. He presented their class’ alphabet presentation and dance number along with the others with so much fun and energy. 

I was there, I watched him do it all by himself, and I felt so proud.

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First Day of Summer School

Caleb started his summer school yesterday. I was actually expecting a playschool kind of learning and environment, but since there are only 2 of them in their age bracket, the teachers decided to let them join the bigger kids, ages 2-3. So instead of having them to just play and run around, they are made to watch, color, and they are also taught how to write letters.

I take it as an advantage on our part though and I am just so thankful that Caleb likes learning new things.

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Gadget Free Week

Have you ever told yourself before that you would never let your children use gadgets until a certain age?

I used to say that I wouldn’t let Caleb use gadgets until he’s old enough, but I end up giving in anyway just so I could get some rest or get chores done at home, and also when we’re out of the house and that’s the only way to make him stay put. Don’t get me wrong though because I make sure I limit his time in using them and I still try other ways to make him stay in one place when we’re out somewhere; I bring toys, at least one book, and his sketchpad and crayons, but sometimes, he just really likes to go and run around which can get really tiring.

So instead of using gadgets the whole day, in the morning, I let him swim in his little inflatable pool and we take a walk at the park in the afternoon – if not everyday, at least a few times a week. That way, both of us won’t get bored and stuck at home, and both of us would be gadget free (except of course for my camera which I use to take photos of him).

I love seeing him run freely without me worrying whether he’ll trip or bump his head somewhere. (Yes, I am pretty over protective when it comes to him!)

So here are a few photos of him this week:

Here are photos of us at the park taken by my cousin:

And this is her, the girl behind our photos:

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Hush, Little Baby

Instead of getting chores done early in the morning, I can’t help but just stare, smile, and thank God for this little angel.

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Fujifilm X-T10

Growing up, I was taught never to deprive myself with what I want especially if I know I deserve it. So today, I rewarded myself with a Fujifilm X-T10. It’ll probably serve as an advance gift to myself for all the occasions this year.

I’ve wanted this camera since last year, but I had to save up for it first. This year, Fujifilm just released its upgraded model, the X-T20. As much as I wanted to get the latest model, I only have enough for what I actually saved up for so I had to settle for the X-T10. No regrets though. While I was playing with it earlier, I knew it is worth the wait and worth every penny.

To more photowalks and photoshoots with my little angel!

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