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Mindoro Weekend




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Felt Like a Kid Today

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Sunset with the Trip


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Olympus Trip 35

I finally got my hands on one of the film cameras I’ve been eyeing – the Olympus Trip 35. I got it for only Php 2,500 from an online seller on Facebook, and I must say, it didn’t disappoint.

Since my husband went out of the country last week, I had a chance to take my little boy out on a weekend to do a short photo walk with one of my cousins. Being it my first time to use the Trip and a newbie with zone focusing, I took my Fuji X-T10 with me too to make sure our photo walk is worth it even if my I mess up my roll of film (but of course I hoped I would get good results with it, and I did – for a first timer, that is).

Here’s a few shots I took with the X-T10:


And here are a some from the Trip:

Looking forward to doing more shoots with this beauty soon. ❤

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On and Off with Film


“Why spend on film cameras when you already have a digital one?” So many people keep asking me that. I don’t know, really, but there’s this certain feel with it that I just can’t explain, or maybe, I’m just really that bad with words, but I’ll try.
I own both digital and film cameras, but with film, I get more challenged to take a good or a better shot of my subject. I get mixed emotions all the time. I get too thrilled and excited but it can get really scary at times too especially since I’ve experienced a few failed rolls already. It also reminds me to slow down and to be patient. With film, I don’t get tempted to just keep shooting. I get to actually think and frame my every shot.

I stopped shooting film for a while since I bought it in 2014 because buying rolls and having the films processed and scanned or printed is very expensive, but I eventually missed it that’s why I decided to get back with shooting film. As much as I want to process them myself, I have no experience and I am still too scared to try to process on my own. Plus, I haven’t mastered it yet so I obviously have a looong way to go with it which makes it more thrilling!

Here are a few shots I took in 2014:

And here are the photos I took recently (Fuji C200):


Getting back with analog doesn’t mean that I’ll stop shooting digital though. I guess that’s impossible since I take photos almost everyday of about anything and aside from film being too expensive, it’ll take longer to process and upload too. I’ll still probably bring with me my Fuji most of the time depending on my mood.

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